Work with me

Work with me

As someone who is passionate about building vibrant and sustainable communities I am always on the lookout for products, ideas, events and causes that help improve the world we live in in some small way.

In this respect if you are doing something that you think I might be interested in or could assist in some way, then please do get in touch with me to explore ways that we could work together.

Services I can offer:

  • Recipe development and production,
  • Event planning and promotion,
  • Research and policy advice,
  • Creation of content including interviews, reviews and promotional materials,
  • Promotion of events and products via social media,
  • Public speaking and training,
  • Hosted giveaways via she cooks she gardens,
  • Photography and web design work and a whole lot more.

I have extensive networks throughout the South Australian community and a wealth of experience in a number of fields including political, social and community engagement.

Sponsored posts/PR work:

I do accept financial compensation in exchange for promotion of products, however I write this blog because it allows me to explore ideas and concepts that interest me. For this reason, I limit the amount of sponsored posts or campaigns I will work on and will only ever promote things that I am happy to recommend and would use myself.

It takes considerable time, energy and financial investment to start a blog, build a community and create compelling content. It is for this reason that I will often charge a fee in exchange for services. Those fees enable me to keep the blog running and help to pay the bills. They don’t mean that I will then hand over editorial control as a result.

If you wish to send me products or samples, invite me to try your new menu or something along those lines then please be aware that promotion of said products will probably be limited to a mention on social media via my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profiles. I may from time to time write a post about a product that is particularly compelling, but my content is largely self-generated and, on occasion, sponsored. Please also bear in mind that if I don’t like what you’ve sent me then I probably won’t mention it. I’m happy to provide feedback to you personally but my attendance at your event, or acceptance of your product does not guarantee I will promote it.

If you’ve made it this far and are still keen to work with me then I’m keen to hear from you. I am particularly interested in promoting local South Australian produce, restaurants and events that support local growers and seasonal eating as well as innovations in organic and home gardening, food security and the cultural and historical context of food. I will often write about these without prompting but if you have something in mind then please do drop me a line.

For more information feel free to contact me on the details provided below.


Erin Brooks


Email: erin @ shecooksshegardens (dot) com

Twitter: @shecooksgardens

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