An anniversary and chocolate cake.

Chocolate Cake | she cooks, she gardens

The other day I got a notification from LinkedIn saying that one of my connections had ‘liked’ my work anniversary. ‘Huh!’ I thought ‘What work anniversary?’. So after a frustrating few minutes of trying to remember my password, I logged in to see what all the fuss was about. It turns out that the anniversary relates to this here little blog and, can you believe it, it turns 4 today!

I started this blog with no expectations. The original idea was to start a kind of restaurant review blog where P and I could write about our experiences eating out (something we love to do), but after a few weeks of it sitting around idle I decided to chuck up a couple of recipes. From there I got the bug. We had recently purchased a new Nikon for an upcoming holiday and it was a great excuse to familiarise myself with a camera again after letting my skills go for a number of years.

Pomegranate | she cooks, she gardens

The creation of my blog also coincided with a newfound appreciation for food. Having been a somewhat average cook for most of my life (ok, I was terrible and could barely fry an egg), I had started experimenting with cooking from recipe books like Heidi Swanson’s ‘Supernatural Food’ and Kylie Kwong’s ‘It’s all Good’. I was starting to get the hang of how to shop for seasonal produce and create dishes without needing to follow a recipe.

I was also experimenting in the garden. We had just moved into our house, which came with a garden that needed a bit of love and attention. I devoured books such as ‘One Magic Square’ by Lolo Houbein and spent a lot of time thinking about how great it would be to have a veggie patch and a few fruit trees, some chickens and just generally reduce our carbon footprint.

Chocolate Cake | she cooks, she gardens

Four years on and I sometimes can’t quite believe where things are at. I’ve eaten many wonderful meals, met lots of lovely people – some of whom I now call my friends, learnt new skills and done things I’d never dreamed I’d do. One of the most profound changes for me has been re-discovering my love of photography. There have also been tears, failures and some trying times. But that’s life, right?

Thanks so much for your support over the years. For reading along here, sending me lovely emails, leaving comments, chatting with me over on Facebook and all the other wonderful things that awesome readers like you do. This blog wouldn’t be the same without you all and I so appreciate all of your support.

Chocolate Cake | she cooks, she gardens

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat some cake.

Recipe: Never fail chocolate cake from CWA Classics by Penguin Books Australia.


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