Friday Link Love | 17th October

Friday link love

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe Friday has rolled around again so soon.

This week has been all about Fair Food – what it means, how we define it, and how we achieve it. There is still time to get along to an event so be sure to head over to the website to find out what’s happening in your area.

Open garden this weekend – Sophie Thomson’s ‘Hamlyn Cottage’

This weekend beloved South Australian gardening guru, Sophie Thomson, will be opening her spectacular garden to the public as part of the Open Garden scheme. Entry is $10 and there will be a range of interesting speakers and demonstrations throughout the day, as well as food and plant sales.

For more information head to Sophie’s website.


Dumpster diving – would you do it?

Have you ever been dumpster diving? I can’t say I have, but the thought has certainly crossed my mind, especially after hanging out with the team from Oz Harvest one afternoon and witnessing just how much pristine produce is rescued and redirected to needy people every single day. There is a lot of food that slips through the net and it is estimated that approximately 20-40% of fresh produce is discarded before it even makes its way to the shelves of your local supermarket because they don’t meet high cosmetic standards. That’s a lot of food being chucked in the bin! The solution? Dumpster diving. This writer ventures out with a dumpster diving pro and finds that it’s not really as gross as it sounds.


The importance of the backyard pH test

Everything starts with the soil!

This is a really great post for any home gardener. Checking the pH of your soil, preferably before you start planting out your summer veg, will make a huge difference to your yield.

I recently had issues with seedlings not germinating/experiencing poor growth. A much older and wiser gardener than I suggested I check the pH of my (quite ancient) seed raising mix and I discovered that the soil I was using was quite alkaline. I bought a new bag of soil and the difference it has made is incredible.


Fine dining for second graders?

What happens when you take a group of second graders to a fine dining restaurant?

This video from the New York Times has been doing the rounds this week, it is completely adorable.


World food day

Today is world food day, a day when globally we recognise the important work being done to reduce and end hunger around the world. This article from the Guardian seeks to dispel some common myths about hunger, including the common belief that growing more food is the solution.

Have a great weekend!

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