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Hello! It has been a while between posts. If you caught my last entry, which I’ve since made private, you’d know that things have been kinda hard for us lately. I decided to take a (longer than expected) hiatus from blogging (and everything that comes with it) to clear my head and reset. We’re still no closer to our dream, but I’m feeling ok with it now.

While I work on getting things back to ‘normal’ around here, I thought I’d share a few snaps from our recent getaway to Bali.

It’s good to be back, look forward to catching up with you all again soon.


she cooks, she gardens


Classic Grand Marnier souffle. Diamond Brunch @ St. Regis, Nusa Dua | she cooks, she gardens

Sunset on the Bukit Peninsula, Bali | she cooks, she gardens


Infinity Pool @ Kamandalu resort, Ubud | she cooks, she gardens

Ubud, Bali | she cooks, she gardens

Traditional offering, Bali | she cooks, she gardens

Rope bridge @ Bambu Indah, Ubud | she cooks, she gardens

Rice paddies, Ubud | she cooks, she gardens

Gin & Tea cocktail @ Locavore, Ubud | she cooks, she gardens

Bali dog | she cooks, she gardens

Details of places we stayed – Info share, not sponsored:

Green Tara Eco Resort – Pandawa Beach: – Eco permaculture retreat on the Bukit Peninsula. Great for long stays and for those who want to find the real Bali.

Kamandalu Resort – Ubud: – Upmarket resort about 10 minutes out of Ubud. Peaceful and luxurious.

Bambu Indah – Ubud: – Eco-luxury resort with ancient Javanese huts, natural swimming pool, onsite gardens and treehouse.

Spectacular dining experiences:

St Regis Kayuputi Diamond Brunch – Nusa Dua: – A Sunday brunch of epic proportions. Simply stunning.

Bridges – Ubud: – Casual fine-dining with spectacular views.

Locavore – Ubud: – Locally sourced, seasonal produce at its best. We are still talking about this meal – book early.


  • Lori Jaggard says:


    Glad your back miss reading your blogs. You look good, real good! It’s good to hear your doing ok to. Bali is amazing!!! Though the places to travelled to and ate at look much nicer then where I went. Must go back. πŸ˜‰

  • yvettedelacy says:

    Wow I never wanted to go to Bali until I just saw your photos and looked up the Green Tara resort. Thank you!

  • A well deserved break and and enjoyable one by the looks of things too! Wont get to catch up with you this year at EDB – I have too many commitments to get over there this year πŸ™

  • Rachel and Jamie says:

    Lovely to see you back!

  • lizzygoodthings says:

    Lovely photos, Erin… and I’m really delighted to hear that you are getting back on track. Sending hugs. xo

  • Clare says:

    Hi Erin, I am so glad you are back, thank you for sharing these pics – they are stunning. I have thought of you so many times since your last blog. I have had some reproductive issues – 14 years of them – including mixed up chromosomes (which we luckily found out about early after only 2 miscarriages!), more miscarriages, IVF, donor IVF and many complications. I had not dreamt of a family, it wasn’t a huge goal because I just assumed it would happen. However sad I was about all this that was happening to us I remained positive and happy that I was making the absolute most of my life regardless of what else was going to happen.

    Late last year we submitted paperwork to adopt, I also wanted to foster because it stresses me no end that there are children out there who I can help and who need care and nurturing. Anyway, in Jan this year, at what could not have been a worse or more unexpected time – I went and saw my gyno requesting a curette because I believed I was pregnant again and of course it would be a disaster. Turns out there was a heartbeat and the little thing was 7 weeks on.

    This started me on probably one of the most physcially easy and yet mentally exhausting pregnancies ever. Your blog came through when I was about 10 weeks and I sat at my desk crying. Despite having to have scans at least every month I was sure what happened to you would happen to me. It hasn’t, I have 2.5 weeks till I reach 40 and I still a mental mess, but almost ready to accept what is about to happen. I am sure I have asked my husband every single day at least once if he thinks it will be born alive.

    I am 39, I have had a uterine artery blocked with sand, I have translocated chromosomes 9 and 14, I have 4 small fibroids, am in the middle of a full-time PhD and only work 1 day a week and gosh knows what else. Some things happen for a reason, some just happen. I applaud you and your blog and in particular your last post.

    I have all these evil moments where I wish (although not really) that famous people who so openly announce their pregnancies would also go through miscarriages or problems to help raise awareness, to not shy away from the fact that this happens to so many women, couples, people and that it is sadly something people are uncomfortable to talk about. Getting it out in the open will help people feel better, that they are not alone and perhaps then there will be more compassion and empathy and less of the ‘when are you going to have children’ or ‘life isn’t complete till you have children’ types.

    Feel free to hide this reply if you want to. I wan’t sure how to email you – may sound silly perhaps, I am at my desk for only a short time today and need to move onto some work. I wish you all the best for whatever your future holds and thanks again for being so brave and open with your trauma.

    Love and smiles, Clare.

    • Erin B says:

      Dear Clare,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, I really appreciate how difficult it must have been to read my story and to write your own here as well. It’s a horrible, horrible thing isn’t it? And what a journey you have been on. After all that you have been through I am so pleased to read that you are now on your way and I wish you nothing but happiness for the coming weeks and months. Everyone keeps saying to me that when I finally get there I will look back on this phase of my life as a distant memory. I really hope they are right, though I doubt we can ever forget.

      Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on, feel free to email if you’d prefer, my email is

      Best of luck!

  • Lisa says:

    Welcome back I have missed your posts but hope you have enjoyed your break. The photos of your Bali trip are fabulous and I will look into the recommended accommodation for next trip there! Take care Lisa

  • Beautiful pics Erin, and welcome back to the blogosphere. Much love to you and P x

  • Alex says:

    Glad to see you back Erin. Youve been on my mind from time to time, even though we dont know each other. Looking forward to more blogs when you get around to it.

    • Erin B says:

      Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate it. knowing that there are people out there like yourself who are wishing me well is why I decided to come back. It really helps, so thank you.

  • Stunning photos Erin! Welcome back to blog land. x

  • Alicia says:

    Your Bali, looks heavenly. Beautiful honest photos πŸ™‚

  • Stunning photos … πŸ™‚

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