Postcard from Japan – Tokyo highlights‏

Tokyo skyline | she cooks, she gardens

Tokyo skyline | she cooks, she gardens

Greetings from Japan!

We’re on a fast train to Kyoto right now and we’ve just eaten our first bento – or ekiben, as they are known here. Delicious!

We had a great time in Tokyo, it is a truly magnificent city. The food is outstanding, the people are wonderful, and everything just kinda works here. There is a real rhythm to city life and despite the language barrier we’ve found it really easy to communicate.

Highlights include our magnificent hotel, Hotel Century Southern Tower, where we had views of the whole city. On our first night we sat and watched a storm roll in, and P spent a lot of time at the window capturing the changing scenery.

Another obvious highlight has been the food. I will admit to being somewhat skeptical about how well I would eat given my aversion to ‘fishy fish’ and other strange oceanic inhabitants, but the options go far beyond what I was expecting-including a dearth of vegetarian options.

Menya Musashi | she cooks, she gardens

One place worth mentioning is Menya Musashi, a bustling ramen joint in Shinjuku. You place your order via a vending machine and are served a bowl of delicious, perfectly cooked noodles, a couple of slices of unbelievably tender pork and a nourishing broth. Slurping your noodles is the way to go here. It seemed wrong at first but we quickly adapted and figured out how avoid ending up wearing half our meal.

Meiji Shrine | she cooks, she gardens

Other highlights include the Meiji shrine-I’ll try to write more on this later, and the shopping which is outrageously good. We totally underestimated how cold it gets here and snapped up a couple of giant puffy coats to keep us warm. I look like I’m wearing a sleeping bag, but so does everyone else so it’s all ok.

Shopping for vintage clothing in Harajuku | she cooks, she gardens

We head now to Kyoto for about a week. We’re entering into peak leaf peeping season so stay tuned for a flood of autumn colour.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all well and don’t forget to follow along via instagram.


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