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We’ve had higher than average rainfall, in fact it has been the wettest July in 18 years with the total amount of rain reaching 119mm – well up from the average of 75mm. It’s hard to believe but it’s also been unseasonably warm this past month, especially overnight, though it certainly hasn’t felt that way, what with all the rain.


My lush crop of oxalis... :|

My lush crop of oxalis… 😐


All this rain has meant two things – weeds and a distinct lack of quality time in my garden. When the weather clears I head outside to find oxalis growing completely out of control and more and more of my garden being consumed with mallow weed and grass. It’s seriously depressing. I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike winter, this is yet another reason why. I’ve been pulling up weeds and dead-heading flowers here and there but I’m told that I should wait until the oxalis has started flowering before I pull as they will be easier to manage.


A forgotten, and now flowering, head of broccolini.

A forgotten, and now flowering, boquet of broccolini.


There also appears to be an army of caterpillars taking hold of my vegie bed in the front garden, I’ve always had caterpillars around but they seem to be particularly bad at the moment. I am usually happy to flick them off or drop them in the compost but some of them are as large as my finger at the moment which makes it harder to be unkind to them.




Still, most things are travelling along nicely, the beets continue to grow, as do the carrots. My parsley is utterly out of control and picking only seems to encourage further growth.


Deadheading flowers & pulling weeds.

Deadheading flowers & pulling weeds.


I can already see the days are getting slightly longer which is a great sign that the warmer weather is on its way. Next weekend I will start preparing to plant summer seeds so that they are ready to go when the weather is warmer and reinvigorating the garden beds. I’ve been scouring the garden annual from The Diggers Club which arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago and I’m excited about all that they have to offer.


RNLS13 (2)

Special offer:

If you’d like a copy of the annual then the kind folks at The Diggers Club have a very special offer for she cooks, she gardens readers. The first 50 readers to email and mention ‘she cooks, she gardens’ will receive a free copy of the garden annual, usually valued at $6. It is chock full of excellent heirloom seed varieties and the perfect way to get ready for the coming warmer weather.


nb: This offer is only open to Australian residents. Sorry to my international readers!


What’s happening in your garden this month?




  • hey Erin, great update, your parsley is certainly thriving!! The caterpillars are a bit of a bugger, hope you can find a solution soon. Thanks for the heads up about the Diggers giveaway, have entered and crossed my fingers x

    • Erin B says:

      Thanks Lisa, the solution is probably greater vigilance and Dipel but I just haven’t had the time for the first one and I’m always wary about the use of chemicals on my garden. Something’s gotta give though! 🙂

  • You garden looks great! Shame about the over abundance of weeds and caterpillars. Everything in our garden seems to be going to seed quite quickly too. Have entered the Diggers give away! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    • Erin B says:

      Hey Clare, I hope you enjoy your catalogue! I think we’re at a tricky point in the season, things will pick up soon, I’m sure. Best of luck.

  • Your garden is looking lush after all that rain. Do you also eat the broccoli flowers? I use them in stir fries if the stems have not gone too woody.
    Nice giveaway, shame diggers are based down south, I have tried their seeds before and the heat here doesn’t seem to treat them nicely.

  • Your parsley looks very lush Erin. I love reading seed booklets 🙂 I find I tend to buy way too many varieties though so usually go back and end up culling half the order the a sane amount!

    • Erin B says:

      Thanks Kyrstie, I am the same way with my catalogues – I write a wishlist and then I have to work out where I’m going to plant everything before I can allow myself to buy anything. 🙂

  • hi erin from another collective member!
    isn’t that illustrated cover just beautiful? hopefully i am lucky enough to get a copy – it would be a great resource as i am now starting to dream about my spring plantings. thanks for the opportunity!
    your garden looks so beautifully lush (yes even the oxalis. good luck with removing that).

  • I can add that to my list of why I don’t particularly like winter either Erin. Sad about your broccolini. I can’t wait to see your carrots when it’s harvest time!

  • jeanie says:

    I had to wryly smile at your issues this month – we have a plethora of weeds attempting to wreck our dreams too!!!

    For your parsley – besides tabbouleh – a friend of mine once gave me a great veg lasagne recipe that uses a good portion –

  • Louie says:

    I know what you mean about getting rid of the weeds, I have spent a few hours the last couple weekend focusing on different parts of the garden each time and feel like I have only just got it under control. I love broccolini so will have to put that on my to do list for next winter, fingers crossed my parsley seeds are as successful as your plant.

    • Erin B says:

      Ugh, it’s my least favourite aspect of gardening. It feels like I just start to get them under control and then it rains and a whole new crops emerges.

  • Christina says:

    Look at your amazing garden. I seriously need you to come and help me out in my backyard. I’m going to get some moveable garden beds built and then I think I might have to retain your services as my garden advisor. What say you? 😉

  • Well Erin, your Oxalis is so much more hardy than mine. It is truly annoying and I don’t know about waiting for it to flower, when I see Oxalis, out it comes, even if it means digging my fingernails below the soil to get the whole plant out as a trowel is too far away. Just think, you will have lots of sunny days ahead now. I appreciate the Diggers giveaway, I had forgotten they exist. Lovely parsley and it is a wonderful photograph of the caterpiller. We spray with Dipel weekly and after it rains as at least it is bee friendly so can’t do much harm to the environment 😀 Enjoy September, cheers Merryn

    • Erin B says:

      Thanks Merryn, I hope you enjoy the catalogue. I know what you mean about the oxalis, I just find they are easier to pull once they have flowered, I don’t really know why but whatever works, right? I have thought about using Dipel, the little furry critters are hard to hurt though (I’m a big softie!), I find I’m just moving them to other areas of the garden where they can enjoy the buffet.

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