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It’s July, which means it is time for Mushroom Mania once again. This is my second year blogging for the Mushroom Growers Association and it’s an absolute pleasure, as always.


I’ve written before about my fondness for mushrooms, they are a great flavour enhancer as well as being an important source of nutrition in a vegetarian diet. You might have noticed that I don’t tend to do many sponsored posts on this blog and my website remains proudly ad-free after more than a few attempts by cunning distributors. The Australian Mushroom Growers are one of the few companies I am happy to collaborate with because of all the reasons I’ve listed above and because I really admire their approach to production, which is a great example of sustainable agriculture.

Mushroom Mania runs every July to highlight the variety of options on offer at cafés, bistros, clubs, pubs and restaurants across Australia. It’s an excellent excuse for me to brush off the wintery cobwebs and check out some new options (and revisit some old favourites) in the constantly changing dining scene of our fair city and see how different eateries are working with mushrooms.


Le Carpe Diem – 230-232 Grenfell Street, City

The first stop on my tasting tour of Adelaide this month is a relatively new café in the East End called ‘Le Carpe Diem‘. It’s specialty is the humble crêpe, one of the ‘trendier’ food options surfacing around the place at the moment. The café is a gorgeous, light-filled space with an overtly French feel. One is greeted ‘en français’ upon arrival and there are an array of sweet options such as madeleines, macarons and almond croissants on display at the front counter. They all look tempting, delicious and as fresh as can be (which is always a nice touch).

The menu is simple, crepes and galettes are the order of the day, along with coffee, tea and some alcoholic beverages (if you’re so inclined).


A galette is a crêpe made with buckwheat flour. They are a famously French staple that is naturally vegan and gluten-free and quite similar to a pancake. Simple ingredients; buckwheat flour, water and salt, are combined and spread thinly on a special flat pan. They are then filled with numerous savoury options, the traditional choice being ham, egg and cheese, and folded neatly into a square and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I first tried a galette when they were made for me by a French girl from Lyon I met many years ago. When I was in France back in 2008 I had the obligatory Nutella crêpe from a street vendor in Montmartre, but I never ventured upon a galette. Though I am a huge fan of sweet things, the simplicity of the savoury galette is something I really enjoyed.


Hoping to recreate my first galette experience, I ordered the ‘Quimper’, a riff on the traditional version that included the hero ingredient, mushrooms. Sautéed in a little butter and garlic, the mushrooms were fresh and delicious, in fact the whole thing was delicious and quite filling without being overly heavy. It was a nice change to the standard breakfast you might get at any number of café’s around Adelaide and the price was right, too, coming in at just under $20 with a large coffee.


I was tempted to order a sweet crêpe next but I had to keep moving, I will definitely be returning for a sweet option again sometime soon.


If you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to have a go at writing one of your own then you’re in luck. You have the chance to win one of 40 $100 restaurant vouchers by sharing the mushroom dishes you discover. It could be a beautiful breakfast, a luscious lunch or a delicious dinner – as long as it has mushrooms the Mushroom Mania crew want to hear about it.

You can enter via Instagram, Twitter or email, by simply taking a photo of a mushroom dish during the promotional period (1/07/13-31/7/13) and posting or emailing. Follow the link for more information.

I dined with the compliments of  Mushroom Growers Australia as part of the Mushroom Mania promotion.


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