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Burgers seem to be another ‘on trend’ dining choice at the moment with a litany of options springing up around town from ‘Burger Theory’ to ‘Burger Foundry’ to ‘Fancy Burger’ and ‘Burgastronomy’. Having travelled a bit around the United States a few years ago I came to appreciate the makings of a decent burger and so I was naturally curious when I saw that a burger place had opened on the Parade at Norwood.


Nordburger’ is a new American style burger bar that has opened up in the tremendous hole left when the old fruit and veg market moved on. It’s in prime position at the head of the mall and each time I go past it is packed full of young trendy types waiting to get their burger fix. I was curious to see what vego options were available and was pleased to find they do a mushroom burger which made it the perfect option for my ‘Mushroom Mania’ tour of the city’s eateries.


Inside the decor is suitably Nordic. Blonde wood, white subway tiles, neon signs and an amazing concrete counter that I would like to recreate in my own kitchen. The space itself is a little cramped and I would suggest a rethink of the layout might be necessary in the long-term if it stays as busy as it is at the moment. When there are more than about five people waiting in line it becomes a chaotic, cramped and a generally unpleasant space.


At either end of the long counter are areas to stop and enjoy your food. The atmosphere wasn’t terribly inviting but perhaps that was because of how cramped in we felt at the time. The food on the other hand was great.


I ordered the ‘mushroomburger’ which consisted of a large Panko crumbed Portobello mushroom, coleslaw, ketchup and ‘Nord sauce’ as well as some crinkle cut fries and a bottle of water. The addition of cheese for an extra 70 cents seemed a little extravagant given it was the crappy ‘plastic’ cheese you can buy a whole slab of for an extra dollar or so but still, I suppose it’s nice to have the option.


The burger was delicious, really juicy and not overly oily, which can be a problem with some mushroom burgers. The addition of coleslaw was a really nice touch and really rounded out the flavour of the burger. This is definitely the type of burger I would have a go at making myself at home which, to me, is always a good sign.

Overall, I’d say I would be inclined to eat at Nordburger again but I’d probably aim to go at a less chaotic time as the space issues were most unpleasant. The food was definitely a winner though and a really great example of what is possible when it comes to cooking with mushrooms.

Nordburger – 168 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia


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I dined with the compliments of  Mushroom Growers Australia as part of the Mushroom Mania promotion.


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