Baked beans with Mushrooms @ Sad Cafe (sponsored)


For those who’ve been playing along at home you’ll know that this month I’ve been participating in Mushroom Mania, sponsored by the Australian Mushroom Growers Association. This is my second year participating and as the month draws to a close I’ve been really pleased with the growing diversity of dining options in our fair city as well as the range of options available for lovers of mushrooms.

The East End is experiencing a bit of a revival at the moment and Ebenezer Place, tucked neatly behind Rundle Street, is no exception. It had been a while since we had ventured down to that part of the world and we were pleased to discover a number of new dining options, stores and even a Providore had opened up along this very trendy little street.


Sad café is the offshoot of ‘das’ which offers the genius combination of ‘hair and fashion’,  so in one small space you’ll find a barber, some funky clothes and great food and coffee (though there is a wall separating your food from the hair, in case you were wondering!). Their motto is ‘as fresh as possible, as local as possible and as simple as possible’ which fits perfectly with my own food ethos.


First up we ordered the mushroom sliders which were delicious and quite different to the mushroom burger I enjoyed a week or so ago at Nordburger.  The mushrooms were grilled and then stuffed with a spicy green chilli sauce, topped with a generous slice of spiced Gouda cheese and sandwiched between some crisp green lettuce and an excellent avocado and feta mash. These sliders were on the larger side, in fact it was an incredibly generous portion and more than I’ve come to expect when ordering sliders, which are often on the smaller side (small is what they are supposed to be, I guess).


We also ordered the baked beans with mushrooms (pictured at the start of the post) which arrived in a cast iron pan with a side of sourdough bread. These beans were epic, a smoky mix of beans and mushrooms, topped with an egg and a generous sprinkling of runny cheese. This is the sort of cooking I love – hearty, warming and delicious. The sort of dish that makes you forget your table manners, roll up your sleeves and really get stuck in. I caught a glimpse of myself tearing up chunks of bread and dunking them into the beans like a ravenous monster at one point – hilarious!


The coffee is decent and the menu is diverse. There are lots of options for vegos and vegans as well as a range of cakes and locally sourced produce like jams, sauces and tea. The decor is great, a pleasing mix of retro and industrial and my dining companion enjoyed browsing their extensive vinyl collection. Space is limited so I imagine at busy times it might get a little cramped and a couple of the staff seemed a little snooty, but in all this was a great dining experience and a lovely way to cap off a month of feasting on mushrooms.

Sad Café – Shop 4 Ebenezer Pl. Adelaide 5000


If you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to have a go at writing one of your own then you’re in luck. You have the chance to win one of 40 $100 restaurant vouchers by sharing the mushroom dishes you discover. It could be a beautiful breakfast, a luscious lunch or a delicious dinner – as long as it has mushrooms the Mushroom Mania crew want to hear about it.

You can enter via Instagram, Twitter or email, by simply taking a photo of a mushroom dish during the promotional period (1/07/13-31/7/13) and posting or emailing. Follow the link for more information.

I dined with the compliments of  Mushroom Growers Australia as part of the Mushroom Mania promotion.


  • Grant Nowell says:

    Sad cafe sounds great, I haven’t been down Ebenezer place for quite a while- those mushroom sliders sound fantastic although the massive bamboo skewers are a little of the top!

  • Strange name for a cafe – great mushroom dishes! I’m always a fan of breakfast dishes baked in their own little containers too.

  • Nothing worse than a teeny tiny slider I think. Much better to be on the larger side. I love the sound of those beans too. So heart warming!

  • Paul - The Kind Little Blogger says:

    Sad Cafe is something else. I find a lot of “hipster” haunts to claim they’re all about the “friendly vibes” and “inclusive nature” but in reality are Secret Societies full of cliques and looking-down-ones-nose. Sad isn’t like that. Sad is the real deal. The staff are friendly. The coffee is the best – the best, Jerry! And the food: exquisite. Best of all, they are inclusive: they know what how to make coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians very happy.

  • looks like a fab cafe. love the battered, diffferent-coloured metals chairs outside! the bakes beans and mushrooms look delicoius and hearty.

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