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A few days ago my Mum phoned to see why I had basically dropped off the face of the earth. ‘How did your little bloggers meet up go?’ she enquired innocently. I was sleep-deprived, feeling a little wooly and my tolerance levels were low…’LITTLE?! LITTLE BLOGGERS CONFERENCE?’ I twitched most disdainfully, ‘yes’, she replied before adding, ‘what is a food bloggers conference anyway? is it a bit like book club?’. I took a deep breath, and explained as patiently as I could exactly what had taken place last weekend – ‘Mum, we had 80 food bloggers fly in from all over the country, we took them on a tour through the Central Market, we went out to the wineries in the Barossa and McLaren Vales, we had an amazing dinner at the Hilton and then on Sunday we were visited by some of the industry’s best. The whole weekend was free to attend, the only thing our delegates needed to pay for was their flights and accommodation, the rest was gifted through sponsorship‘. ‘Oh’, she replied, ‘I had no idea!’.

Of course she had no idea, what does a food blogging conference mean to anyone who is not involved in food blogging, anyway? Well, in short, it’s like any conference, I suppose (only loads more fun, I get to say that, right?). An opportunity to get together with like-minded people to share ideas, stories and hints on how to do things better and get the most out of your blogging. It may seem a quaint form of communication, filled with amateur MasterChefs and wannabe Donna Hay stylists, but in truth, the world of food blogging is serious business. This was evident throughout the conference weekend as I witnessed the energy and passion flying around the room as we talked about a range of topics from food styling to home shoots, SEO and Google rankings, how to avoid being sued, the art of wine blending and whether we had room for yet another cake pop.

EDB Organising committee 2012.
Thanks to Simon Leong for the photo.

Eat Drink Blog was a glorious weekend filled with eating, drinking, laughter, sharing, making new friends and learning and I am so proud to have been part of the team who made it happen. I’d like to thank my fellow committee members; Amanda, Christina, Kirsty, Celeste, Alex & Natasha for all your hard work, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know each and every one of you. I would also like to thank our sponsors for without your support none of this would have been possible. Thanks also to Dennis Leslie and his crew for an amazing dinner on Saturday night, d’Arenberg winery for hosting our tour group, the Central Market for everything from the venue, to the market tour and the sensational pop-up lunch and of course the delegates themselves who came with open hearts and open minds ready to experience and lap up everything our wonderful state has to offer.

I would also like to thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to come to my page and those of my fellow bloggers each and every day, for taking the time to leave comments, try our recipes and share your stories and ideas. I had no idea when I started this little page that I would find myself in the position I am today and for that I’m truly grateful.

If you’d like to get an idea of what goes on at Eat Drink Blog then have a look at this excellent video created by Simon Leong which I’ve added below. I’ve also added a selection of highlights from the day and to read more about the event check out the round-up page over on the offical EDB website.

Thanks and stay tuned as ‘she cooks, she gardens’ returns to regular programming later in the week.



Eat Drink Blog 2012 – Photographs by Erin Brooks

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