Wednesday Wrap Up

Lunch @ Bliss Cafe by she cooks, she gardens

It has been a somewhat chaotic couple of weeks at our place. Paul has changed jobs, my grandfather passed away, uni is back and we’ve been madly preparing for the launch of the brand spanking new Eat.Drink.Blog website. Despite my best attempts, all efforts to maintain some semblance of normality quickly vanished as I did my best to carry on through both the darkness and the light.

Needless to say, my cupboard and fridge are a little bare and my cooking has been more about function than creativity of late. But life carries on as always. The garden continues to grow, the sun continues to shine and each day I feel a sliver of normality creep back in.

As you might have gathered I have neither food nor gardening stories to share with you today. Instead I bring you another series of links, some photos and reflections on things in my life over the last few weeks to give you an insight into what makes me tick. I had such great feedback from you all last time that I’ve continued to hoard links and ideas that have inspired me in the hopes they will do the same for you.

And here we go…

Blissful Burgers.

The photo at the top of this post is of a delicious vegan falafel burger I had at Bliss Organic Cafe, on Compton Street in the city recently. If you’ve not been to Bliss before then I highly recommend it, it is one of the few vegan cafes in Adelaide and they do what they do brilliantly. If you’re neither vegan nor vego, don’t sweat, you will still find something to savour between these walls. Be it the sumptuous burger above, the warm apple cider, chunky cut fries or a deliciously naughty vegan dessert.

Precious memories.

This is a photo of my grandfather as a young man. Upon hearing his story at the funeral it occurred to me how little I knew about his early years. It got me thinking about the importance of story telling, no matter how boring or uninspiring you think your own story might be, each moment in your life is a precious part of an amazing journey. I would love to have taken the time to write down some of his memories, and those of my Nana’s too, I think they would make for compelling reading.

Memoirs of a stranger.

It was perhaps fortuitous timing for me that I stumbled across this article via Forbes magazine only a few days after attending the funeral. It is the tale of a 55-year-old woman, Shelagh Gordon, loved by her family and friends for reasons that become abundantly clear in reading the linked article. What makes this story so wonderful is that Shelagh was an ordinary woman, like you or I. She was neither a celebrity nor a member of the royal family. When she died suddenly in February, 200+ people attended her funeral. It wasn’t telecast on every TV station in the country, but it did make the front cover of a popular newspaper, the Toronto Star. You’ll have to read the rest at the link above to find out why, it certainly brought a tear to my eye.

Gummi Power.

Moving on to brighter things, this dress created by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi, is made from 50,000 gummi bears and weighed in at almost 100 kilos. No wonder the model looks so uncomfortable!

Eating Well on the Road.

I travel from time to time with my job and was rather inspired when I came across this link over on The Year in Food. When she’s on the road, Kimberly takes along her trusty rice cooker and whips up all kinds of amazing meals. It sounds much more exciting than take out!

Snow Leopard.

There is no story here, just an incredibly cute photo of a snow leopard.

Dreaming of Jerusalem.

I was so inspired by this post from David Lebovitz who had the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel on a food tour. The colours and flavours captured in his photographs and writing are enough to make me want to pack my bags and jump on a plane this instant. For now I may have to settle on some homemade hommus and falafel but a girl can certainly dream.

Edwardian Street Style.

A series of amazing photos captured in the early 1900s of women and men in everyday street attire. Can you imagine riding your bike wearing one of those hats?

The power of weeds.

An interesting take on being at one with the weeds in your garden. Wish I had seen this a couple of weeks ago!

Helping Sarah.

Thanks to everyone who has donated money to the ‘Help Sarah’ fund. So far we have raised $690 and donations continue to roll in. If you can spare even just a few dollars then please head on over and donate to this very worthy cause. I am pleased to report that Sarah has returned to Adelaide this week and is now starting her rehab. She is currently in a wheelchair but is pleased to be back close to her son, Noah, and her family.

That about covers it! If you’ve come across any interesting articles, photos or ideas recently feel free to link to them below or over on Facebook.

If you’re a fellow food blogger then be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the EDB website in the next couple of days. In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook head on over and ‘like’ us to be kept up to speed on everything that’s happening.


EDB3 – Details coming soon!


  • Great post with lots of tasty bites, Erin. And how freaking good is your photography – have you been taking sneaky lessons or something? You’ve just hit it outtada park!

    • Erin B says:

      Haha, thanks Christina! Believe it or not I studied photography for a while there (albeit on a film camera, I used to be a whizz in the darkroom) but I kind of lost my mojo and hadn’t done anything for at least a decade. I’ve spent some quiet time getting to know our new camera and lightroom a bit over the last month and am feeling so much more confident with it. Thanks for noticing! 🙂

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