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Hi Folks,

It’s been a crazy few days here at chez she cooks, she gardens as we’ve put together a mountain of party food for Paul’s sisters engagement party. Over the next few days I will bring you the recipes and photos of plates we created and collate them here, be sure to check back regularly!

All recipes are 100% vego and delicious. Enjoy!



Recipe #1 – Hommus, Erin Style

It wouldn’t be a party without Hommus, so even though this recipe has been up for a while it’s one of the staples. To make this recipe for a crowd simply double the amount of chickpeas, tahini and nuts, then adjust seasonings to taste. Gluten-free & Vegan.

Beetroot dip for a crowd

recipe #2 – Beet dip for a crowd

A new recipe but those who know me well will have tried this at least once. There is enough here to feed a small army but the recipe is easily broken into four for a more manageable amount. Gluten-free & Vego.

Risotto Balls by she cooks, she gardens

recipe #3 – Risotto Balls with bocconcini & basil

This recipe is a labour of love and not for the faint hearted. Crunchy, creamy, oozy and delicious balls of cheesy risotto coated in a gorgeous golden crumb. Guaranteed to make you the king or queen of finger food. Vego.

Haloumi & Caramelised Fig Skewers by she cooks, she gardens

RECIPE #4 – Haloumi & Caramelised Fig Skewers

These babies are quick, easy and declicious. I mean, who doesn’t love fried cheese? Gluten-free & Vego.

Recipe #5 – Marinated Tofu & Capsicum Skewers with Peanut Sauce

A lovely alternative to the chicken shaslick that even your meat eating friends will enjoy. Gluten-free & Vegan.

Recipe #6 – Cake pops

Cute and cakey, these little beauties will be a sure-fire hit at any party. Just make sure you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve as even though they are easy, they are also a little time-consuming. Vego.

Thanks so much for all your comments, questions and feedback. We will return to normal programming shortly.



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  • Sue Strong says:

    I have just learnt about your blog Erin, and have enjoyed my last hour browsing through it. I have been looking for a recipe for rice balls, so now I will be able to give them a try! I can see that I should get a deep fryer and I think that using it outside is a sensible idea.
    I am looking forward to more recipes from the engagement party.

    • Erin B says:

      Hi Sue, thank you so much for stopping by, it’s great to hear from you. Please let me know how you go with the recipes, I love to hear how people have gone and where I can improve on things. The deep fryer has definitely been a great investment! Take care, Erin.xx

  • Alison says:

    Cannot believe i missed the tofu skewers! a tragedy which you need to rectify asap. cheers

  • Genevieve says:

    I just discovered your blog and I’ve already found so many recipes I like – including all of these appetizers! I’m now subscribed on Google reader so I’m looking forward to seeing what else you make 🙂

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