100th Post & A Party

party by she cooks, she gardens

Hi Everyone,

Todays post is not about food but I hope you’ll stay with me anyway. This is my 100th post which is a bit of milestone. It has been almost a year since I started blogging and each day I watch the number of followers and interactions grow and continue to be inspired by the work of other bloggers in the broader community. I wasn’t really sure how or even if I should ‘celebrate’ this occasion, should I bake a cake or create something really luscious and special…

I decided instead of going down that road that I would share with you some photos of a recent celebration we held at our place. As you might recall, I had another milestone back in December when I turned 30. Anyone who has their birthday during this month knows how frustrating it can be trying to organise a party in December with Christmas and end of year parties every weekend so I decided to wait until January to celebrate it with my nearest and dearest.

As you might have guessed I’m really into food. One of my most favourite things to do is share a meal and a nice bottle of wine with friends and really just watch the world go by. It seemed fitting then that my 30th celebrations would revolve around food and so I decided to hold a pot-luck dinner party for 50 of my mates. I will admit to being slightly nervous about the proposition, how was I going to fit 50 people down our driveway? Would we have enough food? Would everyone have a good time?

We hired some trestle tables and set them up down the drive and then covered the table in brown paper. I spent a few days in the lead up scouting around second-hand shops for old vases and jars for decorations and ordered some fantastic biodegradable plates and cutlery (check out Eco Party Box if you’d like to order some for your next party, highly recommend it) so that at the end of the night we could throw everything in a big bag and not feel terrible about it sitting in landfill for the next 150 years.

Everyone brought such amazing food, it was quite overwhelming. We had a mountain of choices and by the end of the night everyone was rubbing their bellies feeling satisfied. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who leant a hand on the day, who brought dishes and just generally made the night a splendid affair.

It was certainly a night to remember!



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