Update from the Garden – Raised Bed Stage 1

Today was a gorgeous day outside and we decided to put a raised bed into a spot that was starting to look a little shabby. I’d been growing kale, cabbage and some other greens there in containers so we decided to put a bed in there to see how it would go.

We started out pegging the space to see how it would work in with the rest of the garden. We have a fantastic free-standing studio in our backyard that the previous owners put in so we wanted to make something that would fit in with the very modern architecture. We went with the right-angled design to match the verandah on the studio.

We then traipsed down to the local hardware store for supplies. We bought a long piece of corrugated iron, some garden stakes and some screws. All up it cost about $80. I then got to work clearing the space, which involved pulling up a few weeds and digging down a few inches, while Paul started cutting the sheets to size.

We them hammered the stakes into the ground and set about attaching the iron. We used simple timber screws from the hardware store and a spirit level to make sure everything was, well, level.

Once all the iron was attached it was pretty much done. All that’s needed now are a few finishing touches and then we can load it up with some soil and it’ll be ready to plant. There is an existing watering system in the garden so I’m going to investigate adding drippers into the bed to make life a little easier. I’m also thinking it might be worth adding a couple of drainage holes near the bottom – what do you guys think?

This is the finished product, well the frame anyway. We’ve still got to clad the corners and of course fill it, but that’s next weeks adventure!

What do you think? I’m so happy with it, I love how it matches in with the studio. I can’t wait to finish it, I’ll blog the process so you can all follow along and if you guys have any tips then I’d love to hear them.



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