Update from the garden

Violets | she cooks, she gardens

Despite the horribly dreary weather we’ve been experiencing of late here in Adelaide, things in the vegie patch are going well. There are violets covering the backyard and their precious perfume ever so subtly fragrances the garden. Violets are such great little plants they are tough, don’t need much in the way of attention, they smell great and they are edible. I love picking the flowers and rolling them in some egg whites and sugar to make candied flowers for cupcakes and desserts. You can also dry the flower heads on some paper towel and add them to a small jar of raw sugar; give it a shake every now and then and you’ll have violet sugar. The leaves are useful too, dried and brewed as a tea, they will really help to get things moving internally – if you know what I mean. 😉

In the ‘vegie patch’ things are going gangbusters. I’m regularly picking Kale, Silverbeet, Bok Choi and Mitsuna for stir fries, green smoothies and soups and the Brassica’s are really starting to come into their own. Over the weekend I got a buzz to find the first head of broccoli of the season, it’s always a moment of joy for me as they take such a lot of time (and effort) to reach that stage. Since growing broccoli I’ve not been able to let a single head go to waste as I know how much time and energy goes into growing just one small head. I think I will leave the head a few more days to firm up and then I’ll cut it off to make way for the side shoots. Once they are done I’ll cut back the plant and cook up the leaves; they are tough and bitter like Kale but cooked down with a little butter and garlic they taste fantastic.

How are things going in your patch? Any exciting finds for you in there?

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