Update from the garden

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This last weekend was cold and rainy but the weather didn’t stop me from heading out between breaks in the rain to give everything a good feed and check the progress of some of the vegies. I’ve always got a few visitors in the garden; mainly birds, a few cats and some furry caterpillars but I was excited to find this little guy hanging out on the spuds today. Praying mantis are the ultimate garden defender, they will eat other bugs such as aphids and beetles and help keep flies, mosquitoes and even moths at bay. I hope this little guy sticks around for a while, I think I’ll name him Roger. 🙂

Elsewhere in the garden things are looking good. The spuds are going well as are the mini cabbages, I dug down into the spud box the other day and pulled up some finger length kipflers. I have to be patient and let the leaves die back this year, can’t wait! In the front yard the brassicas have been producing like crazy, I can’t beat the flavour and crunch of a head of broccoli that has been picked only moments before eating. I got a thrill today when I pulled back the leaves on the romanesco broccoli to find that there is definitely a head forming. I didn’t hold out high hopes for this little beauty as it’s a full-sized plant growing in a container but a lot of tlc has obviously paid dividends. It’s such a great looking plant, one of the few plants with naturally occurring fractals. It seems like a shame to pick it, I’ll be sure to savour every mouthful.

I just had to share this pic, is it not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! It’s a teeny tiny head of cauliflower growing away at the back of the box. I planted out some mini cauli’s around the same time as the broccoli and had no idea how they’d go as cauli’s don’t generally go so well in containers. This little guy would be the size of a 50 cent piece, I hope it gets a little bigger!

How are things in your patch going? Have you had any exciting discoveries?


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