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I’m a huge fan of lavender, it’s one of my most favourite flowers as not only does it smell great it is also very useful. I’ve got a pot of it growing at the front door and I collect as many flower heads as I can get my hands on from friends, family and around the neighbourhood on my travels.

I dry bunches around the house and, when I get around to it, carefully pull the flower heads off and store them in a jar. Aside from smelling great in an old stocking up the back of your sock drawer, lavender is wonderful to drink as an herbal tea to aid relaxation and sleep. Recently I’ve been experimenting with flavour combinations and have found one that is perfect just before bed that helps aid digestion and a sense of calm after a hectic day. If you don’t have access to a lavender plant you can buy lavender tea from specialty tea places but it is pretty easy to grow in the ground or in a pot, and once established needs very little water – so why not try growing some for yourself for a cheap and plentiful supply of homegrown organic herbal tea.

Erin’s happy sleep herbal remedy:

Simply add a half teaspoon of dried lavender, a teaspoon of dried mint leaves (spearmint or peppermint would work well here too) to a diffuser ball. Add hot water and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Stir in a half teaspoon of honey if it’s not sweet enough and sip slowly – you’ll be ready for bed in no time!

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