It's chestnut season!

I picked up a bag of chestnuts at the Farmers Markets on Sunday. I’ve never really eaten them before and decided to give them a go.

Chestnuts can be prepared in a few different ways; you can boil, roast or grill them. Roasting is a straightforward option and seemed like the most natural approach. You simply cut an ‘x’ into the skin on the flat side of the nut, then pop them in a hot oven for 20 minutes or so. They are easier to peel when they are still hot, which can be a little tough as they are a little fiddly. I used a tea towel to peel away the outer shell and then broke the nut in half to get out the delicious meat. Try and peel the inner skin off as it can be a little bitter, this is perhaps the hardest part as it does tend to stick, just get most of it off and you’ll be right.

All in all, they are hard work but lovely to eat. Chestnuts have a beautiful sweet, nutty flavour that reminds me a little of baked potato. They are pretty much fat free and high in fibre so why not pick up a few chestnuts next time you’re at the grocer and give them a go.

Average per Chestnut:

49 cals
204 kj
0.2g fat
0g sat. fat
0.7g protein
8.9g carbs
4.1g fibre

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