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Mushroom Pate | she cooks, she gardens

Summer at our place is all about entertaining. Long, lazy nights on the front porch with a cold glass of SA white wine, listening to some cool tunes and grazing on bits and pieces that require little to no effort.

Hot meals aren’t really a ‘thing’ for us during summer, and when they are, we try to minimise the amount of time standing over a stove as possible by cooking on the barbie, or using handy appliances like our rice cooker. When it comes to summer entertaining, cold meats, fresh salads and antipasto are the way to go.

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Choc Mint & Roast Strawberry Ice Cream | she cooks, she gardens

It’s hot in Adelaide at the moment. Like, really hot. The next week will see the mercury sit above forty degrees (about 104 for my US friends), bringing us our first unpleasant heatwave for 2014. This kind of weather is the worst. The air is thick and inescapable, everything you do causes you to break out into a sweat. We retreat to our air-conditioned houses (if we’re blessed enough to have it), and flock to the beach as the sun slips down below the horizon to capture a deep breath of cool sea air.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year | she cooks, she gardens

Welcome to 2014!

Sorry things have been a little quiet around here the last couple of weeks. I’ve been enjoying some time away from the screen in the company of friends and family. We’ve eaten like kings, laughed and made the most of this glorious weather. I hope you’ve been able to do the same.

Thanks again for reading she cooks, she gardens. Your kind words, comments and lively conversations make this space a great little place to hang out. I look forward to sharing more good food and gardening ideas in the coming year. Until then, eat well and be merry!


Peppermint Patties | she cooks, she gardens

Every now and then I have one of those moments where I wonder how it is possible that I’ve managed to get out of bed and tie my shoes in the morning, let alone work, and do all those other things that I manage to fill my day with. I had one of those moments the other day, allow me to tell you my tale of woe. [click to continue…]

Nasturtium Salad | she cooks, she gardens

A couple of months ago I noticed a tweet from a fellow blogger who was trying to find out where she could buy some edible flowers for a baking project she was working on. My initial reaction was to suggest looking in the garden, failing that then head to the local nursery. It may seem a little strange, but you can actually eat many of the common flowers you find in your garden. They can be eaten and enjoyed in the same way you’d enjoy herbs like basil, mint and parsley.

Flowers in the veggie garden are an important element of biodiversity and many flowers serve the dual purpose of looking pretty as well as being edible. Flowers encourage bees into your garden, can help protect your plants from pests and even improve your soil.

Nasturtium Salad | she cooks, she gardens

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The internet is full of innocuous, time-sucking crap. In the time it takes me to write something of actual substance, I’ve been buzzfed 29 of the most amazing pictures that look like photos but really aren’t, I’ve liked at least a dozen photos of creme caramel, and I’ve pinned at least 17 different photos of someone growing beans or a pumpkins over an arbor. [click to continue…]